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Wed, 26 Jan 2000 09:15:36 -0500

Never-Never Land

(from RC 291)

I've avoided using the M-word. No, not "marathon" but the name for the recent zeroing out of the calendar.

It's hard enough to think of moving ahead one year. No need to get into a tizzy about changing all four of the digits at once.

I was same person doing the same things on January 1st as I was on December 31st. Just one day older.

The M-word talk did inspire a summing up, though. All the writers seemed to do it, listing the biggest events of the past hundred or thousand years. To be different, I list all that I've NOT done yet while running through all or parts of half the decades in the 1900s.

I'll never wipe most of these "nevers" off the list. But enough of them demand retirement to keep me busy after the calendar has rolled over to a two and triple zeros.

NEVER got around to reading Jim Fixx's best-selling Complete Book of Running from start to end... reading Tim Noakes's classic Lore of Running at all... coaching any runner directly... having a coach since leaving college... wearing a heart-rate monitor as a "coach"... cross-training on a bike or in water... fully carbo-loading before a race... taking Advil before, during or after a race... running in a corporate race while still working full-time for a company... joining the USATF and working for change from within.

NEVER, to my regret, finished an ultramarathon longer than 50-K... became active in a running club... ran a race with one of my children or one of my siblings... stayed in close touch with teammates from high school or college... worked an aid station at a race... certified a race course... ran a 100-mile training week... raced in an Olympic Trials before the marathon imposed qualifying standards... qualified for Boston under its current standards... wore press credentials at any of the three Olympic Games attended as an unofficial reporter.

NEVER had much urge to try a triathlon or duathlon... enter a racewalk... go on a vegetarian diet... stop eating so much sugar... drink pre-run coffee... drink post-race beer... join a health club... buy an exercise machine... run on a treadmill... wear the tightest of tights... wear Goretex or like fabrics... stretch before running... race in a costume... wear a walkman while running... spend more than $80 on shoes.. buy a pair of trail shoes... wear a knee or ankle brace... take a planned running vacation longer than a week.

NEVER, yet still might, attend a World Championships of track... meet Craig Masback, the country's track leader and a subscriber to RC... meet Bill Dellinger, a fellow Eugenean and America's last Olympic 5000 medalist... visit the British Isles, birthplace of organized running and my ancestral home... travel to Australia-New Zealand, epicenter of running in my early years... race outside the U.S. and Canada... run Hood to Coast, the largest race in my home state of Oregon... run the Chicago Marathon in my native state... run the San Francisco and Los Angeles Marathons in my former home state... run in an all-masters race... lead a marathon pace group... write a running novel.


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