Many of my books are now are available as e-books for Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, for their minimum price of $2.99 each.

Sample chapters are free, as are applications for reading on a personal computer, the iPad, iPod Touch and various other tablets and smart-phones, as well as dedicated e-readers. Other books of mine will gradually be added in this format.

For readers who prefer other formats, most of these titles are available as PDFs from Amazon offers traditional print versions for many of my books.

HOME RUNS: Moving on and settling down in the post-peak years. (preview)

JOE'S JOURNAL: Running as Marathon & Beyond columnist Joe Henderson sees it. (preview)

JOE'S TEAM: How marathon training plans work when the writer becomes the coach. PDF only from (preview)

LEARNING TO WALK: How walk breaks added miles to my runs and years to my running. (preview)

LONG SLOW DISTANCE: The humane way to train. (preview)

LONG RUN SOLUTION: What I like best about running and do most as a runner. (preview)

MARATHON TRAINING: A 100-day program to your best race. (preview)

RUN RIGHT NOW: What a half-century of running has taught. (preview)

RUN RIGHT NOW TRAINING LOG, available only as a PDF from (preview)

STARTING LINES: Early efforts of a running writer -- and where they led. (preview)

SLOW JOE (by Rich Englehart): Joe Henderson and his LSD (long slow distance) writings that changed running. (preview)